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This is an index of religious honorifics, including titles from religious traditions around the world. ..... In Shiaa Islam, religious leaders are usually known as imams or ayatollahs. There are man...

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In general, if the religious leader has a doctorate (Ph.D., Th.D., D.Min.) ... ways: by inserting “Dr.” after the religious title (e.g., The Reverend Dr. John Smith), OR,  ...

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Buddhism: Titles for Buddhist teachers or masters are capitalized when used with a ... also called the Christian Science Church, has lay leaders called readers who ... Shiites and Sunnis use a few of the same religious titles but differ on others.

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They especially liked to be called by special titles such as “Rabbi,” “Teacher,” and ... “Father” is not meant to be used as a special title given to religious leaders .

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While conferring honorific titles upon prominent religious authorities may be the way of the ... But we must ask, are such titles necessary for church leaders?

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I am being ordained and want to know what Christian title is best for me. ... The Officiant Title means a person who conducts religious services. ... people into their church or ministry and wish this title in order to show their leadership position.

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Religious leaders & officials - Synonyms, antonyms, and related words and phrases. Thesaurus for Religious leaders & officials: See more in the Thesaurus and ...

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This article offers definitions of many of these Catholic religious titles to help ... on the ministries of direct service and outreach rather than pastoral leadership.

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Some titles for traditional Islamic leaders include Caliph, Imam, Sheikh, Mufti, Mujtahid and Allamah. The titles of "Ayatollah" and "Grand Ayatollah" exist only in  ...

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The titles may be used in reference to religious leaders, such as Mahatma meaning “great soul,” Mahasaya meaning “great teacher,” and Maharishi meaning ...

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Filed in Anglican/Episcopalian, Religious titles .... The title of the leader of Tibetan Buddhism and the spiritual and (now exiled) political leader of the people of ...

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Jul 9, 2013 ... This is an index to jobs, titles, and specializations pertaining to religion and the clergy. Most of these are Christian titles, and most of them ...

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Sep 11, 2016 ... The term "clergy" describes official religious leadership in a religion. ... and clerics, among other titles depending on religion and ranking.