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The zygomatic arch or cheek bone is formed by the zygomatic process of temporal bone and the temporal process of the zygomatic bone (the side of the ...


The zygomatic process of the temporal bone is a long, arched process projecting from the lower ... See also[edit]. Zygomatic arch · Zygomatic complex fracture ...


Zygomatic arch definition, the bony arch at the outer border of the eye socket, formed by the union of the cheekbone and the zygomatic process of the temporal  ...


May 14, 2017 ... Trauma to the ZMC can result in multiple fractures (ie, tetrapod), but solitary bony disruption may occur, as with isolated zygomatic arch fracture.


zygomatic arch: Bridge of bone extending from the temporal bone at the side of the head around to the maxilla (upper jawbone) in front and including the ...


The zygomatic arch, cheek bone, or zygoma are all interchangeable terms for the structure in the skull seen indicated by the arrow in the following image.


The bony arch in vertebrates that extends along the side or front of the skull beneath the eye socket and that is formed by the zygomatic bone and the zygomatic ...


The zygomatic bone is one of two bones (sometimes called malar bones) that are responsible for the ... Together, these processes form a zygomatic arch.


The orbit is a pear-shaped cavity, with an apex directed posteriorly, medially and slightly upward. About Zygomatic Arch and Orbital Fractures.