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Age of Discovery


Between 1325 and 1357 Afonso IV of Portugal encouraged maritime commerce and ordered the first explorations.

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An overview of the history of the Age of Exploration and its impact on the geography of the world, from the About.com Geography site.

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Search. Search: Voyages Map image · Ancient Exploration · Medieval Exploration · “Age of Discovery” · Modern Exploration. Welcome image ...

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Age of Exporation. The so-called Age of Exploration was a period from the early 15th century and continuing into the early 17th century, during which European ...

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Discover what life was like for a sailor during the Age of Exploration. Find out more at History.com.

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The great period of discovery from the latter half of the fifteenth through the sixteenth centuries is generally referred to as the Age of Exploration. It is exemplified ...

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This period is known as the Age of Exploration. During this age, European explorers searched for trade routes, overseas wealth, and adventure. Technological ...

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Kids learn about the Age of Exploration and Discovery of the European Renaissance including Henry the Navigator, Columbus, Portugal, and Spain.

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The first phase is the exploration of the Old World centred on the Mediterranean Sea; the second is the so-called Age of Discovery, during which, in the search ...

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The Age of Exploration: Life on the Open Seas. Find out how sailors were recruited, what was their average diet, and what ailments they had to face while sailing ...

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The Age of Exploration started in the 1400's. Europeans were desperate to get spices from Asia. Spices were used to preserve foods and keep them from ...

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The Traverse Board was used to record the direction a ship was sailing along with the corresponding speed of the ship for the same four hour period.

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Resources for the Study of the Age of Exploration Introduction -- The mid-to-late 15th century has quite rightly been called the AGE OF EXPLORATION and ...