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Timeline of drafting and ratification of the United States Constitution ...


The following is a timeline of the drafting and ratification of the United States Constitution. .... September 17 • Constitution signed and Convention adjourns: The approved Constitution is si...

State-by-State Ratification Table | Teaching American History


State-by-State Ratification Table. States are listed in the order in which they ratified the Constitution. ... Stage VI: All the Pillars in Place. North Carolina****, Davie ...

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Each of the original thirteen states in the United States was invited to ratify the Constitution created in Philadelphia in 1787. The Constitution specified that nine  ...

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On September 17, 1787, a majority of the delegates to the Constitutional ... directed the state legislatures to call ratification conventions in each state. Article VII stipulated that nine states had to ratify the Constitution for it to go into effect.

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All events in one email; A variety of categories; Shareable content .... On June 21, 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the document, and it ...

The Ratification Process: State by State [ushistory.org]


Five state conventions voted to approve the Constitution almost immediately ( December 1787 to January 1788) and in all of them the vote was unanimous ...

Order for Ratification of the Constitution


Mar 30, 2016 ... The articles had a number of weaknesses including that each state only had ... Here is the order in which the states ratified the US Constitution.

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What were the major arguments used by each side (the supporters and the ... Delaware, A. How many of the 13 states needed to ratify the Constitution for it to ...

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On September 17, 1787, the Constitution of the United States was finally ... Each state was given six months to meet and vote on the proposed Constitution.

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The draft (originally a preamble and seven Articles) was submitted to all thirteen states and was to become effective when ratified by nine states. It went into ...

Delaware was the first colony to ratify the United States Constitution on December 7, 1787, effectively becoming the first state of the United States.
The first thirteen colonies to sign the Constitution and become states were, in order: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.
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Dates of Ratification of the Constitution | Teaching American History


Dates of Ratification of the Constitution. 1787. Full Document; Academic Standards. State, Date, Votes for, Votes against. Delaware, December 7, 1787, 30, 0.

The Constitution of the United States: Questions and Answers


The voting was by States, and the vote of each State that of a majority of its deputies. ... Q. The vote of how many States was necessary to ratify the Constitution?

June 21, 1788 : US Constitution ratified


June 21, 1788 : U.S. Constitution ratified ... becomes the ninth and last necessary state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, thereby ... All Rights Reserved.