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There are several remedies for breach of contract, such as award of damages, specific performance, rescission, andrestitution. In courts of limited jurisdiction, the ...

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Contracts are a favorite tool of business people everywhere, as they lend assurance and definition to transactions. But what happens when someone doesn't do ...

Contract Law: Remedies for Breach of Contract


Jul 8, 2013 ... A discussion focusing on the remedies available for breach of contract.

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When two parties make a contract and one breaches it, there are generally two types of remedies that are available to the non-breaching party: equitable ...

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Apr 4, 2016 ... Remedies for breach of contract are called equitable remedies and are a distinct category of remedies obtained in this particular type of case.

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Sep 19, 2014 ... Depending on the nature of the contract breach, you may have several different remedies available to you. There's no fee to post your case to ...

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Nov 30, 2013 ... Any party BREACH OF CONTRACT Protection of contractual expectations is the primary purpose of law of contract REMEDY A legal ...

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Oct 1, 1999 ... Many commercial agreements contain express provisions for remedies. For example, in a contract for the sale of goods, the buyer may be ...

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Understand the six possible remedies available for the breach of contract according to Law of Contracts.

What remedies are available for breach of contract?


The principal remedy for breach of contract is damages. Damages are compensatory: they are awarded to put the innocent party in the position that they would ...

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The five basic remedies for breach of contract include the following: money damages, restitution, rescission, reformation, and specific performance. A money  ...

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Aug 10, 2011 ... Breach of Contract :- Breach means violation of law. The breach of contract means to break the contract or not to act upon the contract.

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Many states utilize a mix of statutory and common law to provide remedies for breach of contract. Depending on the contract and circumstances of the breach, ...