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Cursive from Germany. The modern German alphabet consists of the twenty-six letters of the ISO basic Latin alphabet: ...

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The letters in the German alphabet are the same as in English; however, there are four more letters which you will come across in the German language: ä, ö, ...

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German Alphabet. The German alphabet is an extended version of the Latin alphabet, and it contains 30 different letters. These are the same letters found in the ...

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Jan 29, 2012 ... In this video, I show you how to pronounce each german letter + all the pronounciation rules that you need to know ! 00:00 each letter 01:20 ...
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Sep 1, 2013 ... You want to learn German? Then you're in the right place! Let's start by taking a look at the German alphabet! This is lesson 1 of an entire ...

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Things you should know about the German alphabet. Do you know how to write or pronounce the German letters? The effective way to learn the ABC...

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In this unit you can listen to the German alphabet. Just relax and listen a few times until you are familiar with the sounds.

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BBC Languages - Learn German in your own time and have fun with Languages of the world. The German alphabet and what's significant about it.

German Alphabet: Umlauts and 'ß' - Paul Joyce


German umlauts. As well as the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, the German language is also characterised by the umlaut, a diacritic in the form of two dots ...

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The German alphabet is not that difficult to learn! Use the tips listed here and the audio pronunciation guide and you'll soon be on your way to learning the ABCs ...