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A vampire is a being from folklore that subsists by feeding on the life essence of the living. ... of The Vampyre by John Polidori; the story was highly successful and arguably the most influential vampire work of the early 19th century.


Oct 22, 2014 ... Vampire history goes back way before Dracula, and Vlad Tepes was no bloodsucker. Are vampires real? Yes — and no.


Where did vampires come from? Where did the first clan begin? Our mythologist details the history of vampires.


Oct 31, 2011 ... Medveđa, Serbia. Jan. 1732 -- The Carpathian mountains loomed ominously to the east, as if nature herself was conspiring with evil. In the ...


A new study finds that men and women buried as vampires in 17th and 18th century Poland were not—as previously believed—immigrants to the region.


Oct 26, 2016 ... In the history of vampire legends, the Highgate incident is a modern phenomenon. It has less to do with the desire to control a community's ...


Feb 22, 2010 ... A brick was placed in the mouth of the corpse to kill a vampire. Read the National Geographic News story “Vampire” Picture: Exorcism Skull ...


Jul 27, 2015 ... The seductive, corrupting aristocratic vampire arrived in 1819 with a short story by William Polidori published with much sensation in the ...


Aug 11, 2013 ... When people think of vampires, they usually think of famous fictional bloodsuckers like Dracula or his historical counterpart, Vlad the Impaler.