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Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act


The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act (ch. 27, 22 Stat. 403) is a United States federal law, enacted in 1883, which established that positions within the federal ...

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Following the assassination of President James A. Garfield by a disgruntled job seeker, Congress passed the Pendleton Act in January of 1883. The act was ...

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Jul 30, 2014 ... (Jan. 16, 1883), landmark U.S. legislation establishing the tradition and mechanism of permanent federal employment based on merit rather ...

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The Pendleton Act had closed the "front door" to civil service. But the "back door," or removal from office, remained unprotected from party politics. Indeed, it was ...

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The Pendleton Act stipulated that government jobs should be awarded on the basis of merit. It provided for selection of government employees through ...

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Definition of the Pendleton Act, which reformed the Civil Service in the 1880s.

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Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act (1882)

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Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act (1883). The spoils system of political appointments, in which a presidential administration gave out positions within the civil ...

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The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act created the modern-day merit-based system under which federal employees are selected. Before the Act, federal ...

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Find a summary, definition and facts about the 1833 Pendleton Act for kids. Purpose and significance of the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act. Information ...

What Is the Pendleton Act?
Passed in 1883, the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act constituted a massive reform in recruitment for the Civil Service. It required that civil service jobs should be allocated solely on the basis of merit, and that applicants had to take exams to... More »
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