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an optical device for producing and observing a spectrum of light or radiation from any source, consisting essentially of a slit through which the radiation passes, a collimating lens, and an Amici prism.
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An optical spectrometer (spectrophotometer, spectrograph or spectroscope) is an instrument used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the ...

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A spectroscope helps us find out what stars are made of. It disperses, or separates, white light from a star into a very wide spectrum of colors — much wider than ...

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Nov 26, 2013 ... Spectroscopes are used to split light into different wavelengths to determine the chemical composition of objects such as stars and elements.

Spectroscope | Define Spectroscope at Dictionary.com


Spectroscope definition, an optical device for producing and observing a spectrum of light or radiation from any source, consisting essentially of a slit through ...

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Build a homemade spectroscope from a CD or DVD.

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This is the best adjustable slit spectroscope we have seen. By varying the amount of light passing into the prism, this portable spectroscope is able to resolve ...

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Nov 9, 2008 ... Experiment #7: Light as a Tool Spectroscope. The spectroscope in the picture is the updated spectroscope that is now in the kits. spectrum.

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Easy to Build, Fun to Use and Learn About SPECTROSCOPE Working Model. Ilan's directions for making a spectroscope, including patterns for A4 pringer ...