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Optical spectrometer


An optical spectrometer (spectrophotometer, spectrograph or spectroscope) is an instrument used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the ...

Make Your Own Spectroscope | Spectroscopy Science Fair Project


Nov 26, 2013 ... Spectroscopes are used to split light into different wavelengths to determine the chemical composition of objects such as stars and elements.

Chapter 7: Light and Optics -- Build a simple spectroscope


Build a homemade spectroscope from a CD or DVD.

Spectrometer, Spectroscope, and Spectrograph - SPIE


A spectroscope is a device that measures the spectrum of light. Early versions had a slit, a prism, and a screen with markings to indicate various wavelengths or  ...

CD Spectroscope: Light & Astronomy Science Activity - Exploratorium


Turn an old CD into a spectroscope to analyze light—you may be surprised by what you see. Try pointing your CD spectroscope at the fluorescent light in your ...

Figure: What does a spectroscope do? - Amazing Space


A spectroscope helps us find out what stars are made of. It disperses, or separates, white light from a star into a very wide spectrum of colors — much wider than ...

Amazon.com: Pocket Spectroscope: Industrial & Scientific


Product Description. This is the best adjustable slit spectroscope we have seen. By varying the amount of light passing into the prism, this portable spectroscope ...

Apr 14, 2008 ... Light emission seen through a spectroscope. White light, neon, and hydrogen light each shows different spectrum.

A CD spectrometer


Several Fraunhofer lines can be seen with this simple spectroscope (1c, 1d): C line in dark red(H-alpha, 656nm), orange D(Na,589nm), green E(Fe,527nm) and  ...

Jun 21, 2009 ... A spectroscope is an instrument used to break light up into its constituent colors, like a prism does, showing the light spectrum. Save money ...
an optical device for producing and observing a spectrum of light or radiation from any source, consisting essentially of a slit through which the radiation passes, a collimating lens, and an Amici prism.
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