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Lava is the molten rock expelled by a volcano during an eruption. The resulting rock after .... Highly viscous lavas do not usually flow as liquid, and usually form explosive fragmental .... These s...

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The property would be fluid or fluidity.

Properties of Matter: Liquids - Live Science


Jul 23, 2014 ... A liquid that flows very slowly is said to be more viscous than a liquid that flows easily and quickly. A substance with low viscosity is considered ...

Properties of Liquids


Liquids boil at the temperature at which the vapor pressure is equal to the ... There is a force of attraction between molecules in liquids, and liquids can flow until ... The force of adhesion between water and wax is very small compared to the ...

4. How Slow the Flow? - The Worlds of David Darling


Water is very different from honey, syrup, glycerine, or oil. ... The property that determines how easily a liquid pours is called VISCOSITY. ... This is because as a liquid heats up, its molecules move about faster, so they are able to slide past one ...

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Jan 27, 2012 ... Viscosity is an important property in determining the eruptive behavior of magmas. ... Since it its a liquid, it flows downhill in response to gravity as a lava flows. ... skin, but this is quickly broken up by flow of the molten lava within and by ... andesitic and rhyolitic lava flows, because they can't flow very...

Oobleck: Is It a Solid or a Liquid? - Cool Science


Hands-on Science Carnival Activity Stations: Properties of Materials ... Smack the surface of the oobleck very quickly with the flat bottom of the spoon, ... as a solid, liquid or gas) but rather any substance that will deform or flow when a shear ...

Slowest Moving Liquid on the Planet | The Classroom | Synonym


Liquids share specific properties whether they flow quickly or agonizingly slowly. ... funnel was opened, and seemingly solid pitch began to flow –- very slowly.

How Far Does a Lava Flow Go? - Lesson - www.teachengineering.org


... and lava flows, students learn about the properties of liquid movement, coming to ... hot molten rock mixed with dissolved gases that are very close to the surface ... When lava flows effusively, various factors can make it move faster or slower, ...

Gas–liquid two-phase flow patterns in rectangular polymeric ... - NCBI


Here we map gas–liquid two-phase flow regimes observed in polymeric ... As a result, the effect of the surface properties of the microchannel walls becomes .... This flow pattern occurs at exceedingly high water flow rates and very low airflow rates. .... In both cases, injected water was quickly redistributed to sidewalls and ...

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2 Very broad volcano with gentle slopes formed from basalt lava flows. (6). 5 A volcano that has not ... 9 The property of flowing very quickly in a liquid. (5).

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... minerals, xenoliths from the conduit, a liquid portion or melt, and dissolved gases. ... Very Quickly in a Liquid · The Property of Flowing Very Slowly in a Liquid ...

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Have you ever wondered why some liquids flow faster than others? In this lesson, we will learn about the property of viscosity, which explains why... ... Peanut butter, which is actually a liquid, flows very slowly ...