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Worms /ˈwɜːrm/ are many different distantly related animals that typically have a long cylindrical tube-like body and no limbs. Worms vary in size from ...

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If you don't want any spoilers at all, click here to start! Worm finished in November of 2013. A polished version is in the works for print/ebook release. Readers ...

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Worm has 2043 ratings and 278 reviews. Nettle said: This book was 1.7 million words long, it took me 13 days to read, during which time I pretty much di...

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RT @WormsTeam17: Calling all @Xbox #WormsWMD players, your Worms can now make use of the dulcet tones of @OutsideXbox in-game for the low l…

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Learn about worm history, anatomy, feeding, and care from Squirmin' Herman.

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Worm definition, Zoology. any of numerous long, slender, soft-bodied, legless, bilaterally symmetrical invertebrates, including the flatworms, roundworms, ...

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(1) A program or algorithm that replicates itself over a computer network and usually performs malicious actions, such as using up the computer's resources and ...

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A worm is a self-replicating virus that does not alter files but resides in active memory and duplicates itself.

Feb 17, 2016 ... Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScXiTpGvv8g For any licensing requests please contact licensing@break.com So guys, let me ...

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From Middle English worm, werm, wurm, wirm, from Old English wyrm 'snake, worm', from Proto-Germanic *wurmiz (compare Dutch worm, West Frisian wjirm, ...

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Hello wildbow I've been reading worm for over a month now. ... This is the part where I got pissed at reality. if only Worm was as big as Harry Potter or Lord of the ...

World Register of Marine Species: WoRMS


WoRMS aims to provide an authoritative and comprehensive list of names of marine organisms, including information on synonymy.

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Hey kids! I said head to toe, but I don't really have a head like yours. But I do have a head end, the fancy word is anterior. Please remember that it is really ...