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In this post, we discuss the best majors for law school applicants. If you are still in undergrad and you are considering law school, this article will give you a better ...

Best Pre Law Schools and Majors | Degrees and Programs


While there are no undergraduate majors that are guaranteed to ensure your future success in law school or in your career as an attorney, the ABA suggests that ...

Future Law Students Should Avoid Prelaw Majors, Some Say | Top ...


Oct 29, 2012 ... "Don't major in criminal justice if you want to go to law school," reads ... Aspiring lawyers should try to get the best grades—in whatever major ...

Best Majors for Law School Applicants - Law School Expert


Aug 5, 2008 ... How do law school admission committees evaluate people with different undergraduate majors? Are there good majors and bad majors for law ...

What Majors Are Best for Law School? | LSAT Blog


Sep 22, 2015 ... Undergrads with dreams of eventually attending law school often wonder if there are certain majors that will better prepare you for law school ...

Here's What It Takes To Get Into America's Best Law Schools


Aug 13, 2013 ... But don't major in criminal justice. "Law schools don't consider it academically rigorous," Levine said. "Choose something that requires ...

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Some law students enter law school directly from their undergraduate studies ... The ABA does not recommend any undergraduate majors or group of courses to ... Good legal education will teach you to "think like a lawyer", but the analytic and ... any familiarity with these specific skills or materials before entering law schoo...

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Your application should tell the story of who you are, including the background and experiences—both personal and ... What is the best prelaw major? There is ...

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In selecting students, law school admissions committees look for individuals with ... There is no prescribed major or set of undergraduate courses for admission to law school. ... Your General Education requirements will start you off with a good ... Most people decide to take some time off before applying to law school—for ...

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Q: What are the best majors for law school? - Quora
A: I'm going to take (what I assume will be) a contrarian view here, and say that your undergrad degree really doesn't matter much, ultimately, when you'... Read More »
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Q: Law School: What are the best college majors to prepare for the ....
A: Consistent with Josh's and Dana's answers, the correct answer to this question is philosophy, with a specialization in logic. That view is widely held ... Read More »
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Q: What major is best for Law School? | Yahoo Answers
A: I want to major in History but will that be difficult enough to prepare ... I want to state an important warning right up front: IF YOUR SCHOOL HAS A ... Read More »
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A: I'm a rising high school junior(my grades are pretty good) and I'm just beginning to look for suitable colleges. I heard from some lawyers that ..... Read More »
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