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"Planetary Fact Sheet – Metric". NASA. Retrieved ... Combined mass of 12 other known moons of Neptune: 7.53×10<sup>19</sup> kg, or 0.35%. The mass of ...

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Apr 19, 2016 ... But regardless of the reason, Neptune is a gas (and ice) giant that is full of wonder! Below, we have compiled a list of 10 interesting facts about ...

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Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun making it the most distant in the solar system. This gas ... Mass: 1.02 × 10^26 kg (17 Earths) ... Facts about Neptune.

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Neptune Facts. Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun and last of the known planets. While it is the third largest planet with respect to mass, it is only the ...

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1. Neptune is the fourth largest planet in the Solar System. 2. Neptune is a gaseous planet, composed of hydrogen, helium, methane, with traces of am.

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Ten Facts about Neptune. Fact One. Neptune's moon, Triton, is slowly getting closer to Neptune. Eventually, it will get so close that it may get torn apart by ...

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Neptune is the 8th planet from the Sun. Uranus, the 7th planet, was first discovered by means of a telescope in 1781. Two astronomers (scientists who study the ...

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Neptune: Basic Facts: See more kids' drawings... Most of the time Neptune is the eighth planet from our Sun. Sometimes Pluto's odd orbit brings it closer to the ...

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Interesting facts about Neptune Neptune Facts for Kids. Neptune is a large planet that experiences extreme atmospheric weather conditions. After the demotion ...

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