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Top Related Games. Color Switch ... The challenge of the game is to find 24 ways to whack your boss, thus you can let out all your anger. Click on objects in the ...


Finally, a place to manage your anger without harming a soul. Whack your boss, here in cyberspace, so you don't have to. The Challenge: Find all fifteen ways to ...

Jun 16, 2015 ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats ... 10 WAYS TO KILL YOUR BOSS (GAME) ... Published on Jun 16, 2015.


This cartoon game is a tale of revenge, the boss is nagging at you and it's up to you to shut ... Find all 30 ways to whack your boss and silence his annoying mouth. ... 16. 17. a doodie production. 18. 19. DVDMovieRecording sound FX. 20 . 21.

May 19, 2014 ... What a glorious day this day has become! Link to this game in the description along with my game giveaway for Child of Light or Transistor!


http://www.silvergames.com/whack-your-boss This game is about as old as the internet (or from around 2000). There are 16 ways to kill ...


Nov 29, 2007 ... Find all 17 ways to whack your boss. ... 15. 16. Visit our store. 17. How much longer. will you let this. go on? Take your mouse, ... Game controls:.


Various versions of the game have either 16, 19, 20, or 24 (official site may have more eventually). There are 19 in the version Don't Whack Your Boss. 1-16: ...


The challenge of the game is to find 16 ways to whack your boss. Click on objects in the office to use the item as weapon and to make some crazy things with it.