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Terbium is a chemical element with symbol Tb and atomic number 65. It is a silvery-white rare ... Terbium is used to dope calcium fluoride, calcium tungstate and strontium ... 2 History; 3 Occurrenc...

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Element Terbium (Tb), Group 19, Atomic Number 65, f-block, Mass 158.925. Sources, facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and ...

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Jul 17, 2013 ... Properties, sources and uses of the element terbium.

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This WebElements periodic table page contains uses for the element terbium.

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Comprehensive data on the chemical element Terbium is provided on this page; including scores of properties, element names in many languages, most known ...

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Photographs and descriptions of many samples of the element Terbium in the ... Such alloys are used in loudspeakers designed to push against solids rather ..... of the elements with one big five-inch (12.7cm) square card for every element.

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Jul 29, 2010 ... Given below are some terbium facts, which discuss the properties and uses of this chemical ... Terbium is a rare earth element and it belongs to the lanthanide series of the periodic table. ... Some important uses are as follows:.

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Terbium is a member of the lanthanide or “rare earth” group of elements. It is found in cerite, .... 149Tb, 148.923246(5), 4.118(25) h, 1/2+, 1,226.29 MeV. 150 Tb ...

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Tb chemical element, a rare-earth metal of the lanthanide series of the periodic table. ... Terbium compounds are used as green phosphors in fluorescent lamps, computer ... Another major use is with dysprosium and iron in the magnetostrictive alloy ... Playing with Wildfire: 5 Amazing Adaptations of Pyrophytic Plants



May 15, 2015 ... Terbium (Tb) chemical structure, technical & safety data, discovery, uses.

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Terbium Element Facts / Chemistry. Data Zone | Discovery | Facts | Appearance & Characteristics | Uses | Abundance & Isotopes | References. Terbium anti- ...

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Terbium is classified as a rare earth element. The term is misleading because terbium is more common than metals such as silver and mercury. The name "rare  ...

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What's in a name? Named for the village of Ytterby, Sweden. Say what? Terbium is pronounced as TUR-beeem. History and Uses: The mineral gadolinite ((Ce, ...