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In logic, a statement is either (a) a meaningful declarative sentence that is either true or false, ... are two different sentences that make the same statement.

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A declarative sentence simply makes a statement or expresses an opinion. In other words, it makes a declaration. This kind of sentence ends with a period.

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Declarative sentences make a statement to relay information or ideas. They are punctuated with a simple period. Formal essays or reports are composed almost  ...

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Statement Sentence : Here you will find examples for all English Grammar Terms. This is added as our response to our visitors who persistently demand ...

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This kind of sentence is called a declarative sentence. ... Can a verb make a statement about the subject of a sentence? yes. 3 people found this useful. Edit.

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Sentences may be classified according to their use in discourse. We recognise ... Declarative sentences are used to convey information or to make statements:.

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There are four(4) types of sentences. The declarative sentence makes a statement. The interrogative sentence asks a question. The exclamatory sentence is a ...

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Note that a "sentence" is not the same as a "statement"; it is, rather, the vehicle by which the statement is communicated. Thus two different sentences may make ...

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Start studying Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory sentences. Learn vocabularly ... Declarative. Makes a statement or tells something.

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An exclamatory sentence, or exclamation, is a more forceful version of a declarative sentence. In other words, an exclamatory sentence makes a statement (just ...

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These are the most common type of sentence. We use them to make statements. The fancy name for a statement is a declarative sentence. The butter was in the ...

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Declarative sentences are the most common type of sentence. Declarative sentences are used to make a statement. We can use declarative sentences to state a ...

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... a sentence. Example sentences with the word statement. statement example sentences. ... His chilling smile did nothing to make his statement more tolerable.