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are a girl's best friend clearly never owned a dog. ... America's Pet Registry, Inc. was founded in 1992 with the commitment to providing prompt, courteous, and ...

About APR - American Purebred Registry


American Purebred Registry has been in the business of registering purebred, full-blooded dogs and cats since 1979. These animals through no fault of their ...

APR Vs. AKC Registration | Cuteness.com


Because pure-blooded breeding is very important when it comes to dogs, breeders and those concerned with dogs have created kennel clubs and registries.

Zoey is APRI registered…which means what exactly? | Zoey's Story


Sep 16, 2009 ... Q: Is there a different between registry with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and other registries like America's Pet registry (APRI), Continental ...

Bulldog Pros Blog | The Differences Between Registries: AKC, ACA ...


Oct 19, 2013 ... A Guide For Beginners: Avoid The Frustration & Confusion By Knowing The Facts & True Differences Between The Purebred Dog Registries.

North American Purebred Registry, Inc.: Dog Registration Papers


Want to register your dog or get dog papers for your pet? The NAPR is a professional dog registry service. We offer a dog registration and issue single dog ...

What Is APR-registered Puppies? | eHow


There is no significance to an APR-registered puppy. Although the organization states that its registry is for purebred dogs only, it requires no proof that the dog ...

American Kennel Club - Dog Registration Questions


My dog is a purebred, but it didn't come with any papers. Its parents weren't registered. Can I still register it with AKC? Answer: There are several options ...

Can My Dog Be AKC Registered? - Ask AKC - American Kennel Club


Besides being the largest and oldest, AKC is the only, not-for-profit, purebred dog registry in the world. Therefore, AKC uses your registration dollars for many ...

Buyer Beware: Frauds and Irreputable Breeders on the Net


A back yard breeder is someone with a dog that sees cash and decides to breed their ..... APR "American Puppy Registry". DRA "Dog Registry of America". CH

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Dog Registration - America's Pet Registry


This application is for NEW AMERICA'S PET REGISTRY, INC., OFFICIAL OWNERSHIP REGISTRATION FORMS ONLY! If you have a certificate to transfer or a ...

Things to Consider BEFORE You Register your pet... - Veterinary ...


Jun 4, 2010 ... The APRI, American Pet Registry, Inc, is a group that began around the ... The American Purebred Registry was known as APR, so confusion of ...

AKC vs APRI (clean, breeders, rescue, cost) - Dogs - - City-Data Forum


Hi I have a question concerning a dog registered with the AKC or APRI. ... dog... now as Im looking for a new puppy Im finding ALOT of APR/APRI registered purebred dogs. ... Every puppy mill puppy has an AKC registration.