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The Syriac alphabet is a writing system primarily used to write the Syriac language from the 1st .... In modern usage, some alterations can be made to represent phonemes not represented in classical...

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Alteration definition, the act or process of altering; the state of being altered: Alteration will improve the dress. See more. ... Examples from the Web for altera tion

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APPENDIX. EXAMPLES CONCERNING CORRECTIONS PROCEDURES OF PATENT OFFICES ..... (But it is in Hangul, i.e., Korean alphabet software program .).

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There are at least two independent questions involved here: (1) Can the language reflect all the ... For example, when the Latin alphabet was borrowed for use by the Germanic languages after the ... Can a language's alphabet be considered truly phonetic although it has double consonants which produce an altered sound?

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Details of the Osmanya and Borama alphabets, and the Somali language, which is spoken mainly in Somali. ... A Somali linguists, Muuse Xaaji Ismaaciil Galaal, radically altered the spelling ... Sample text in Somali in the Arabic script ...

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How to use alteration in a sentence. Example sentences with the word alteration. alteration example sentences.

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Example sentences with the word phonetic. phonetic example sentences. ... Thence the difficulty of substituting our phonetic alphabet for the ideographic ... they are so in the vernaculars in the case of words altered by phonetic detrition.

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Example sentences with the word alphabets. alphabets example sentences. ... in the other Semitic alphabets the position of the middle legs of the W is altered so ...

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The original Greek letter society, Phi Beta Kappa, took its initials from the motto ... Modern Greek features both vowel and consonant shifts; for example "beta" has the sound of our "V". .... The Greek "sigma" in turn was altered slightly as our "s".

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In fact the symbols of the Polish alphabet are essentially Latin, but with just a few ... These alterations are done by adding an accent line (the kreska), a vowel tail ... of the single letter sounds contained in the Polish alphabet (for example there ...

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Oct 11, 2010 ... Here's an example: In Old English, a letter called “thorn” ... Later in the Catholic Church the priests altered the spelling to “juvio” and ...

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using the initial letter(s) of a multi-word name or phrase - for example, BBC for British ..... conjugation - this refers to verb alteration, or the resulting verb form after ...

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the act, process, or result of changing or altering something. Source: Merriam- Webster's Learner's Dictionary. Examples: alteration in a sentence. CloseStyle: ...