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The amazing Amazon River animals make the Amazon an extraordinary place. Hopefully people will be able to preserve them to amaze future generations.

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Some scientists even say that there is a new species of animal discovered in the Amazon rainforest every 3 days! All of these animals are fascinating in their own  ...

Amazon River Forest: River Animals

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Amazon River Forest: River Animals. The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world. This river is more than. 4,000 miles long. The Amazon Rain.

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Jan 23, 2016 ... A description of biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest, which is home to more species of plants and animals than any other terrestrial ecosystem ...

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Animal life support each other in the Amazon River by serving as food to other animals above the food chain. Their bodies carry nutrients that eventually serve ...

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Learn about Amazon animals and wildlife and their habitats on a luxury cruise on Peru's Amazon River with Aqua Expeditions, a leader in nature-based cruises.

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Jan 11, 2011 ... if you wanna protect amazon rainforest, keep Europeans and Americans far away from this place. They have been cutting down trees and ...

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The Amazon Rainforest is one of the world's fascinating places. ... It eats fish and crustaceans, but also small land animals who happen to walk along the shore.

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Notorious for their sharp teeth and voracious appetites, piranhas inhabit several of the major river basins in South America. These omnivorous fish are known for  ...

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Living in the Amazon Rainforest you will find over 2,000 species of animals. Some are found in the trees like the Gold Lion Tamarin, while others are found in the ...

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Sep 27, 2013 ... But it's home to more than just the animals that prowl, swing, and slither through the trees. In the depths of the Amazon River, the largest river in ...

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The greatest river of South America and the largest drainage system in the world in terms of the volume of its flow and the area of its basin. The total length of the ...

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Jaguar, Macaw, Amazon River Dolphin, Black Spider Monkey, Poison Dart Frog ... The Amazon's animal athletes demonstrate skill and strength humans can ...