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The arapaima, pirarucu, or paiche are any large species of bonytongue in the genus Arapaima native to the Amazon and Essequibo basins of South America. Genus Arapaima is the type genus of the family...

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Wolf Fish (Traira in Brazil, Aimara in Venezuela and ... of middle and lower Amazon basin, including the rivers ...

Amazon River Fish – A Game Angler's Species Guide


A complete guide to the vast variety of Amazon River Fish targeted by game anglers. ... Everything you need to know about the Amazon and Latin American fish.

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Apr 4, 2014 ... We're going to see if we can catch a vampire fish for a up close and personal look at one of the most famous Amazon River Monsters around.

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Nov 28, 2012 ... There are over 2000 recognized species of fish that are only found in the Amazon River Basin. Estimates from the experts taking into ...

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About the fish of the Amazon River Basin. ... The Amazon basin contains the largest number of freshwater fish species in the world -- more than 5,600 species.

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Let's explore some common species of Amazon river fish and discover the most incredible creatures that create the highest diversity of fish in the world.

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The amazing Amazon River animals make the Amazon an extraordinary place. ... One of the largest freshwater fish in the world—the arapaima, pirarucu, ...

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He caught more than 13 species fishing the Rio Negro (one of the Amazon River's largest tributaries) and you can see the most interesting specimens in this  ...

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Aug 13, 2014 ... The Amazon's largest fish is at the brink of extinction, but ... The arapaima fish, native to the Amazon River basin, can weigh as much as 400 ...

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Sep 27, 2013 ... In the depths of the Amazon River, the largest river in the world, live ... or “paiche, ” are gigantic carnivorous fish that live in the Amazon and ...

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Sep 15, 2015 ... Covering around 30% of South America, the Amazon River Basin is home to well over 2000 different species of fish that are endemic to the ...

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Notorious for their sharp teeth and voracious appetites, piranhas inhabit several of the major river basins in South America. These omnivorous fish are known for  ...