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Ammonium hydroxide


Ammonia solution, also known as ammonium hydroxide, ammonia water, ammonical liquor, ... Alkyl amine[edit]. In industry, ammonium hydroxide is used as a precursor to some alkyl amines, although anhy...

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Ammonium hydroxide is a chemical widely used in the Electronics industry for etching ... Ammonium hydroxide is used as a cleaning agent and sanitizer in many.

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The ammonia sold for household use is a dilute water solution of ammonia in which ammonium hydroxide is the active cleansing agent. It should be used with  ...

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Dec 29, 2009 ... A: Ammonium hydroxide and other ammonia-containing compounds are used extensively in food processing. Food and Drug Administration ...

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Ammonium hydroxide may not be a familiar formula to you, but it's actually found in the food you eat and the products you regularly use. This...

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Chemical: AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE. CAS Number: 1336-21-6 ... Which Industries Use This Chemical? How is the Chemical Used in This Industry?

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Ammonium hydroxide is naturally found in beef, other proteins, and virtually all foods. It is widely used in the processing of numerous foods, such as baked ...

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Ammonia liquid or ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) is used in laboratories and other chemical processes. It is used for the purposes of gas mixtures calibration in ...

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In concentrated form, ammonium hydroxide can cause burns on contact with the skin; ordinary household ammonia, used as a cleanser, is dilute ammonium ...

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ammonium hydroxide. A colorless, basic, aqueous solution of ammonia used as a household cleanser and in the manufacture of a wide variety of products, ...

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Definition: What exactly is a ammonium hydroxide? It is a strong-smelling, colorless liquid that commonly goes by the name ammonia, which is often found  ...

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ammonium hydroxide | NH4OH or H5NO | CID 14923 - structure, chemical names ... An in vitro chemical model system was used to demonstrate that oxidation of ...

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It is used as a cleaning agent in various commercial and industrial products, such as household ammonia. It is used ...