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In meteorology, an air mass is a volume of air defined by its temperature and water vapor ... For instance, an air mass originating over the desert southwest of the United ... For example, a series ...

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In the winter this air mass is shoved toward the equator but in summer it can ... The source region for mP air is over cold ocean currents or high latitude ocean waters. ... Since mP air is always near saturation, orographic lifting of the air mass can ... Once cP air modifies significantly it no longer makes sense to label it Polar ai...

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These air masses form north of (or very near) the Arctic Circle and poleward. ... The source region for these air masses are the northern Pacific and the ... Along the northeastern part of the United States, maritime polar air can enter the United ... Continental Tropical : These are the hot, dry air masses which originate over ...

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Mar 30, 2011 ... Air masses can extend thousands of kilometers in any direction, and can reach ... Equatorial air masses develop near the Equator, and are warm. ... Indian Ocean is called a maritime tropical air mass and is warm and humid.

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May 10, 2014 ... In the case of any air mass labeled as continental, the air originated over a ... ocean east of Florida over the Bahamas Ireland .over the pacific ocean. ... the dry line, severe thunderstorms can form near a dry line boundary. ... In the winter this air mass is shoved toward the equator but in summer it can cover ...

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What is the name for a warm and humid air mass that forms over an ocean? ... An air mass originating in the pacific ocean near the equator would be labeled ...

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Speeds (in miles per hour) of points on the Earth's surface at the equator ... around the poles to lower pressures at the equator would move in a straight line if there ... Near the Earth's surface, friction of moving wind accross terrain or open water becomes a factor. ... Air circulation between high and low pressure air mass...

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Q: Where in the atmosphere does most weather occur? ... of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean near Florida, or the Pacific Ocean near Southern California. ... For more about the origins of air masses, check out this USA TODAY resource page. .... colder in Canada than they are near the equator, there is usually lower air pressure ...

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Six basic types of air masses affect the weather of the British Isles. ... They can bring anything from tropical warm and humid days to arctic cold depending on ... Originating over the Arctic ocean in winter, when high pressure dominates and ... land masses and is modified as it moves out over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

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to the equator (Fig. 7). Continental ... Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and are characterized by cool, moist air that ... The initial characteristics of air masses will inevitably change as the mass ..... tornadoes are near-circular low-pressure systems. However, .... Unlike mid-latitude cyclones, hurricanes do not originate as a result o...

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The air movement near the earth's surface in a convection cell is called wind. ... An airmass originating over the North Pacific Ocean would most likely be ... labeled polar or tropical depending upon whether they form near the poles or the equator. ... On a weather map, an airmass that is very warm and dry would be labeled.

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Source Regions are simply geographic areas where an air mass originates. ... 25 degrees of the equator; continental c - located over large land masses--dry ... We can then make combinations of the above to describe various types of air masses . ... mT -- wintertime source for the SW US is the subtropical East Pacific Ocean.

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Aug 13, 1998 ... 1 the impact of a meteorite near Albany. 2 an earthquake in the ... sured at the Equator, the circumference of ... Pacific Ocean ... An air mass that originates over the northern ... United States would most likely be labeled on a.