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The highest of all ancient Egyptian nobility, the pharaoh, was seen as the go-between for the gods and the world of humanity, and pharaohs thus had a matching extravagance in their...

The Homes of Ancient Egyptian Nobles
The lifestyle of ancient Egyptian nobility was radically different from that of commoners. While the average people lived in modest dwellings, the nobles enjoyed intricately designed, ornate houses with complex layouts. These fundamental differences in... More »
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Ibi (Egyptian Noble)


The ancient Egyptian noble Ibi (sometime transliterated as Aba or Abe) was Chief Steward of the Adorer of the God (Nitocris I), during the reign of Psamtik I ...

Nobels in Ancient Egypt - History Link 101


Description of Nobles in Ancient Egypt. ... Nobles in Egyptian society were related to the pharaoh, priests, scribes, doctors, lawyers, or important military ...

Nobles in Ancient Egypt - Per Ankh


Nobles in Ancient Egypt. Nobles in Egyptian society were related to the pharaoh, priests, scribes, doctors, lawyers, or important military personnel. Many of the ...

Ancient Egyptian Social Structure - USHistory.org


Egyptian woman with mirror. Ancient Egyptian royalty, nobility, and clergy enjoyed lives of wealth and comfort while farmers and slaves struggled to subsist.

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The noble class of Ancient Egypt typically worked for the pharoahs or the royal family in some way. The man in this relief is Maya , the "Overseer of the Royal ...

Egyptian Nobility - Aldokkan


Category: Social Pyramid, Content: Right below the Pharaoh in status were the powerful Nobles who ruled over the Nomes of ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians - Society | HistoryOnTheNet


Oct 8, 2014 ... The diagram above shows the structure of ancient Egyptian society. ... Farmers worked the land of the Pharaoh and nobles and were given ...

Egyptian Life Stories - Ancient Egypt


One bright morning in ancient Egypt, a nobleman woke up in a bed covered in fine linen sheets. He opened his eyes and looked around his bedroom.

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Q: What was an ancient Egyptian nobles job?
A: The Nobel's job was to help the king and help others thay were very rich too! Read More »
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Q: Is there a floorplan of an ancient Egyptian noble's house that ca...
A: it is right here http://www.reshafim.org.il/ad/egypt/timelines/topics/housing.htm just scrol down Read More »
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