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Chromatin is a complex of macromolecules found in cells, consisting of DNA, protein, and RNA. ... DNA damage, and 4) to control gene expression and DNA replication. ... Prokaryotic cells have a diff...

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Chromosomes replicated during the S phase are divided in such a way as to ensure that ... In actively dividing animal cells, the whole process takes about one hour. ... This separation of the genetic material in a mitotic nuclear division (or ... led by their centromeres, migrate to the equatorial plane in the mid-line of the cell  ...

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As discussed in lecture 1, there is a period between infection of a cell and .... In animals, most cells are not actively dividing, and are arrested in the G1 ... The early genes encode proteins that are required for viral DNA replication ... As discussed previously, many families of animal viruses have RNA as their genetic material.

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Our understanding of the lifecycle of animal viruses has been developed in large ... If one wants to infect 99% of cells in a culture dish, what MOI of input virus is ..... viruses with no DNA polymerase of their own require actively dividing cells to replicate, ... DNA viruses replicate their genetic material by one of three modes: 1.

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In order to divide, a cell also needs to make a copy of its genetic material, allowing it to ... In animals, cell division occurs when a band of cytoskeletal fibers called the contractile ... 0, end subscript, a cell is not actively dividing, it's just carrying out its job. ..... This is followed by the S phase, in which the cell re...

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Eukaryotic cells have compartmentalization in their cells. ... Organelles like the nucleus and golgi apparatus are usually single while others like mitochondria, ... They are capable of self-replication as they possess their own DNA. ... It contains the genetic material of the cell which are organized as multiple long linear DNA .....

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the host cell to replicate themselves by ... The structure of viruses allows them to succeed in their main ... It separates itself from the host cell's genetic material,.

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They depend on the host's replication organelles to replicate. ... Virus infects cell: host DNA degraded into fragments, viral DNA takes over control. ... Their genetic material is located in an irregular region called the nucleoid. ... Regulation at the transcription level: some genes are actively transcribed, while others are not.

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This animation demonstrates the stages of mitosis in an animal cell. ... during which DNA replicates, the centrioles divide, and proteins are actively ... Each replicated chromosome comprises two chromatids, both with the same genetic information. ... Prometaphase: In this stage the nuclear envelope breaks down so there is ...

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Mitosis divides genetic information during cell division. ... This phase is where the cell grows and copies its chromosomes in preparation for cell division. ... and nuclear division that follows replication of the genetic material in eukaryotic cells. ... formation and other similar processes, which makes the parent cell still active.

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In bacteria, cell growth and DNA replication take place throughout most of the ... the cell is metabolically active and continuously grows but does not replicate its DNA. .... The proliferation of most animal cells is similarly regulated in the G1 phase of ... the daughter cells failed to inherit complete copies of the genetic material...

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The two main functions of the genetic material in a cell, also known as DNA, are gene ... of the genetic material in a cell, also known as DNA, are gene expression and replication. ... What does chromatin do in an animal cell? ... with the whole cell, and two daughter cells are formed, each with its own identical copy of DNA.



The nucleic acid carries the virus's genome--its collection of genes--and may ... is a dormant particle; but within an appropriate host cell, it becomes an active ... Occasionally during the prophage's exit, some of the host cell's genetic material will be ... Viral infections of plant and animal cells resemble those of bact...