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... it has nevertheless generated numerous claims of anti-gravity devices and any number of patented devices. None of these ...

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So what if your chances of ever becoming an astronaut are less than zero? You can still defy gravity using OOOMS 's Anti Gravity Machine and you know it's ...

This $120 Anti-Gravity Machine Beats All Desk Toys To Date


Aug 12, 2014 ... None of those tried-and-true office time-wasters can even begin to compare with the awesomeness that is this ultrasonic levitation machine that ...

How To Build An Anti-gravity Device | Escape Velocity


Sep 7, 2013 ... Ok maybe I'm being just a little bit facetious with this post. However, last week scientists at Lund University in Sweden announced that they ...

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Aug 1, 2003 ... He put a sticker on this one: DANGER: ANTIGRAVITY IN DRIVER. So this is it – my antigravity craft. The device itself is perched on a plastic ...

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Sep 15, 2015 ... Have you ever seen a wheel rolling uphill, neglecting the laws of gravity? You can by realizing this interesting desktop gadget. A small ...

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I like to call this an anti gravity machine, but it could be called a permanent magnet levitation machine. The thing I like about it is kids are fascinated by it.

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NOTE: Many have written saying that this is a hoax as wires can be seen supporting the kite. Yes, indeed, that is how current is delivered to the device. It is not ...

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SCIENTISTS in Finland are about to reveal details of the world's first anti-gravity device. Measuring about 12in across, the device is said to reduce significantly ...

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Jun 3, 2014 ... "What we have here is a potential space drive," Laithwaite said. "Properly developed, this would take you to the outer universe on a spoonful of ...