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Antlers are extensions of the skull grown by members of the deer family. They are true bone ... In most arctic and temperate-zone species, antler growth and shedding is annual, and is controlled by ...

Daily Antler Growth Shows Incredible Transformation in Just 2 ...


Most of us have probably seen bucks in velvet, but it's not too often that we get to see the antler growth from start to finish.

Whitetail Deer Antler Growth Process | Legendary Whitetails


Jul 9, 2015 ... Since the dawn of creation, man has been fascinated by deer antlers. They are the fastest growing bone material known to man, and over a ...

The Antler Growth Bell Curve | Quality Deer Management Association


Apr 23, 2012 ... There's a simple rule underlying antler development in whitetail bucks that all hunters should understand. Awareness of this rule provides a ...

G9486 Antler Development in White-tailed Deer ... - MU Extension


An understanding of the factors that control antler growth and implications on managing white-tailed deer populations is important to achieve these quality deer ...

Whitetail Antler Growth and What It Can Tell a Hunter


The antlers start growing in early spring and throughout the year, until late August /early September, when the antler growth stops. Throughout the growing ...

Stages of Antler Development in White-tailed Deer | Buck Manager


May 20, 2008 ... Antler growth in deer really is phenomenal! In fact, deer antlers are among the fastest growing tissues in the animal kingdom, growing as much ...

Photo Gallery: From Buttons to Booner | Deer Hunting | Realtree


Dec 18, 2014 ... And one is that the size of a yearling's antlers is seldom a predictor of what its .... Teriffic set of photos documenting antler growth and decline.

Whitetail deer antler facts - Big Game Logic


In addition to removing the velvet from their new antlers, buck rubs also help to strengthen the neck for the upcoming rut. Antler growth in a deer is largely ...

Antler Growth: It's All About the Rack - Sportsman's Choice


Learn the entire cycle of antler growth, and how nutrition can play a key role.

Deer antlers generally grow at a rapid rate, but their development is dependent on age, nutrition and genetics. They eventually harden, fall off and are replaced by new antlers on an annual cycle.
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Mississippi State University Deer Lab - Antler Growth Cycle


The annual casting and growth of new antlers is an important part of the whitetail's mystique. Antlers grow rapidly from their pedicle (base) while in velvet during ...

About Deer Antlers


The most interesting aspect of this antler growth tissue is that, if it is surgically removed and grafted to another part of the deer's body, an antler will grow there.

The Whitetail Antler Growth Timeline (With Chronological Photos ...


Jun 4, 2014 ... And for that reason, four years ago I posted a short article on Wired To Hunt that offered a brief description of the typical antler growth to be ...