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Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier was a French nobleman and chemist central to the 18th-century .... Lavoisier's importance to science was expressed by Joseph Louis Lagrange who lamented the beheadin...

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Lived 1743 - 1794. Antoine Lavoisier revolutionized chemistry. He named the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; discovered oxygen's role in combustion  ...

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Kids learn about Antoine Lavoisier's biography. He was a scientist who is known as the Father of Chemistry. He discovered that water is made from oxygen and ...

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Lavoisier made many fundamental contributions to the science of chemistry. The revolution in chemistry which he brought about was a result of a conscious ...

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Antoine Lavoisier was a French nobleman who was a very prominent figure in ... He obtained a law license in 1764 before embracing a career in science.

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Biography of Antoine Lavoisier, French chemist who proved the law of conservation of mass. ... A Parisian aristocrat, Lavoisier studied law but went into science.

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Antoine Lavoisier was a famous French chemist, known for his extraordinary ... Though the wrongly accused scientist was executed early in his life, he is idolized ...

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Antoine Lavoisier. Law of Conservation of Matter (Antoine Lavoisier) ... Lavoisier found that mass is conserved in a chemical reaction. The total ... Scientists Index.

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Antoine Lavoisier (August 26, 1743 to May 8, 1794) was a French nobleman who is ... his formal schooling, he was interested in practically every field of science, ...

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Historians view Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier as the father of modern chemistry. ... ability and was elected to the French Academy of Science in 1768 aged just 25.

Antoine Lavoisier
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was a French chemist whose persistence in precise experiments led to the law of conservation of mass. A Parisian aristocrat, Lavoisier studied law but went into science. He was the first to announce that air was made up of two... More »
Born: August 26, 1743 (age 273), Paris, France
Died: May 8, 1794
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Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, (born Aug. ... In The News / Science ... Although not educated in science, Marie Anne was a spirited and intelligent young woman ...

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The Chemical Revolution of Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier ... By 1772, having abandoned law to pursue a career in science, Lavoisier turned his curiosity to the  ...

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Sep 11, 2015 ... Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, a meticulous experimenter, ... His real interest, however, was in science, which he pursued with passion while ...