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Aug 9, 2013 ... The Official YouTube Channel for "Anunnaki - The Movie" (Teaser #2) ANUNNAKI - THE MOVIE / 1 ANUNNAKI / 1 ANUNNAKI / ANUNNAKI ...
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May 17, 2016 ... Leaked exclusive series video of ANUNNAKI / 1 ANUNNAKI / 1ANUNNAKI / ANUNNAKI - THE MOVIE Sign up to receive all the videos in the ...



Sign up to receive all the videos in the official series and special inside releases for FREE at: http://anunnaki-the-movie.com/news/

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Sep 1, 2012 ... Mr Jon Gress can be contact on MYSPACE. So If you or anyone wishes to contact Mr. Jon Gress here is his url, http://www.myspace.com/ ...

The Anunnaki Movie is not shut down! - Godlike Productions


The first digital movie in the Anunnaki Trilogy will set the time and place where mankind made its greatest leap forward, with the help of the ...

1 Anunnaki, the movie: The Film TPTB Don't Want Us To See., page 1 ...


A trilogy about the Anunnaki sojourn on Earth. ... The movie was never released and the tracks of its existence were erased from media.

Prometheus movie and the Annunaki | The Noetic Digest


Jun 3, 2012 ... The new Ridley Scott movie Prometheus is an interesting one for those interested in Annunaki theories. In interviews Scott has openly ...

Annunaki – Don't Watch this Film | 2012 The Awakening


Jun 3, 2012 ... Great little film, a very entertaining version of how it all came to pass, except the 5000yr timeline is just the last phase of the intervention.

ANUNNAKI - Chapter ONE - Movie [Video] - Disclose.tv


Aug 21, 2010 ... Thousands of years ago, a group of astronaut aliens traveled to the planet Earth. Because of their advanced technology and extraordinary ...

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exohuman | What Happened to the Anunnaki Movie?


Mar 31, 2013 ... BACK IN 2005, work started on a movie trilogy about the ancient Anunnaki… but after a few months something happened, and the project was ...

1 Anunnaki | Facebook


http://www.youtube.com/watch ... This page is to try and get this movie series released to the public. ... anunnakihistory.blogspot.com|By Anunnaki Hero.

1Anunnaki - The Movie - Have TPTB Prevented it From Being ...


Sep 11, 2010 ... A trilogy about the Anunnaki sojourn on Earth. ... A very accurate independent movie based in the books of Zecharia Sitchin that should be ...