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Armored catfish including Aspidoras, Brochis, Callichthys, and Corydoras .... Several species of panaque are popular aquarium fish.

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Freshwater Aquarium · Freshwater Fish; Catfish. Catfish Species. The catfish species listed here are some of the most popular among hobbyists. These catfish  ...

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Freshwater Catfish are typically bottom feeders, but they are feeders of ... at all levels of the aquarium and are not only bottom feeders as many other catfish are.

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Bullheads are an attractive hardy species of catfish that have very interesting ... This article is going to explain how to keep a healthy Bullhead in an aquarium....

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Keeping North American game fish in your home aquarium can be a beautiful ... If a different type of fish is desired; bass, catfish, or predator fish, research the life ...

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Catfish can be kept in a special aquarium all of their own, or complement an existing set-up containing other fish, where they will actually help to keep the tank  ...

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Sometimes it is tough to find the best species because every fish aquarium is different in it's ... My personal favorite of the bottom dwellers is the Pleco fish. ... I would say they are the most efficient bottom dweller because they consume so much ...

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Click here to read about my Garra Rufa / Doctor fish thoughts and experience ... Bristle-nosed Catfish -A great algae eater, this active fish will also eat any other ...

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If the catfish get along with my other tropical fish, they don't get along with each other and vice versa. How can I tell what fish are going to be compatible? ... A good rule of thumb when trying to decide about a catfish for your aquarium is that all ...

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Q: How to Care for Aquarium Catfish.
A: Not particularly attractive specimens, catfish are the bottom-feeding "worker bees" of the freshwater aquarium. Fish enthusiasts aren't interested in them for t... Read More »
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Q: How To Care for Aquarium Catfish
A: Aquarium catfish are popular in many fish lovers’ aquariums because they eat all the filth and can get really very attractive and hyperactive as they move aroun... Read More »
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Q: How to Care for Aquarium Catfish
A: Catfish are common fish found in freshwater aquariums. Catfish are very unique and differ from other fish in regards to their health and care. The most distingu... Read More »
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Q: How can Aquarium catfish will grow?
A: Catfish will not outgrow their aquarium because they release hormones into the water that limit growth. This can be overcome by frequent water changes or by put... Read More »
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Q: What do aquarium catfish eat?
A: Well as for what they are I can't help much without a picture. But most catfish love shrimp pellets, I've heard some eat blood worms, and you can give algae waf... Read More »
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