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In computer architecture, a processor register is a quickly accessible location available to a digital processor's central processing unit (CPU). Registers usually consist of a small amount of f...

____ are small holding areas on the processor chip that work much ...


____ are small holding areas on the processor chip that work much as RAM does outside the processor.? 1) ALUs 2) Control units 3) Sockets

A holding area that stores the data and instruction most recently ...


What are the instructions that are permanently built into the processor chip called ? .... Are small holding areas on the processor chip that work much as ram does ...

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What are small holding areas inside the CPU that work much as ram does outside the CPU? I believe you are referring to the CACHE. Many processors have L1, ...

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ROM is necessary because, when you turn on the computer, the CPU ... RAM is empty and does not have any instructions for the CPU to execute. ... A small set of basic input/output system instructions stored in ROM, which ... Virtual memory allows computers without sufficient amounts of real memory to run large programs, ...

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The part of the CPU that performs arithmetic and logical operations. ... as a temporary high-speed holding area between memory and the CPU, allowing the ... Chip. A tiny circuit board etched on a small square of sandlike material called silicon. ... to be connected from the expansion board to devices outside the system unit.

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Jul 21, 2006 ... The number of bits a processor is designated can be confusing. ... The size (or width) of the address bus indicates the maximum amount of RAM a chip can address. ... size of the address bus tells you how much memory the chip can handle. ... That is, processors with 32-bit internal registers can run 32-bit ...

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... memory, logic, communications, graphics, and math co-processor chips .... into smaller overlapping ones...work on other tasks can be performed when waiting ...

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Jun 8, 2001 ... Processors can be identified by two main parameters: how wide they ... Intel built its own high-speed cache memory chips for the Xeon processors, but it also ... of quartz sometimes contained in what looks like a small tin container. ..... You can run into problems increasing motherboard bus speed as well.

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This is a small chip with just a few "pins" of electrical connection. ... Tiny wires connect the chip to the outside. ... cheap way to build control systems; The pre- computer control systems did not work so well; One reason cars work so much better today ... RAM is effectively a storage area of bytes under the control of the ...