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D) all of the above. Answer: D. Diff: 1. 2) As the rate of cooling increases, the size of the crystals that form ______. A) increases. B) decreases. C) is not affected.


As the rate of cooling of igneous rocks increases the size of the crystals that form ? The size of crystals decreases as the cooling increases. This is called an ...


As the rate of cooling increases, the size of the crystals that form ______. ... What two factors speed up rates of chemical reaction and weathering in rocks and ...


When magma cools, crystals form because the solution is super-saturated with respect to some minerals. If the magma cools quickly, the crystals do not have ...


As the rate of cooling increases (speeds up), the size of the crystals that form ______. 6 ... Intrusive rocks ______. a. are generally fine grained b. form at Earth's ...


It can be used to illustrate how the rate at which molten rock cools affects the size of the crystals that form within the solid rock – rapid cooling producing small ...


Pressure increases at a rate of about 333 bars per kilometer in the crust. ... Diamonds require about 100 kilobars to form. .... Cooling Rate and Crystal Size.


All three can form rocks with crystalline texture. ... Melts: HINT: How does cooling rate affect grain size? ... Describe a situation in nature where a melt begins to cool at one rate and then is placed in a new situation where the rate of cooling increases, and eventually ... Well-formed crystals can form in all three types of rocks.


Jan 9, 2015 ... Magma can cool to form an igneous rock either on the surface of the Earth ... viscosity than lower SiO2 content magmas (viscosity increases with ..... At larger degrees of undercooling, the nucleation rate will be high and the growth rate also high. ... If the size of the grains are so small that crystals cannot be ...


Sep 3, 2015 ... Volcanic or extrusive igneous rocks form when the magma cools and ... As pressure increases in the Earth, the melting temperature changes as well. .... Because cooling of the magma takes place at a different rate, the crystals that form ... Depending on size, tephra can be classified as bombs. lapilli, or ash.