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Mid-ocean ridge


A mid-ocean ridge is an underwater mountain system formed by plate tectonics. It consists of various mountains linked in chains, typically having a valley known as a rift running along its spine. Th...

At this type of boundary magma rises to the surface and new crust is ...


divergent ... At this type of boundary magma rises to the surface and new crust is formed? At this ... Is crust formed or destroyed at each type of plate boundary?

Magmas and Igneous Rocks


Since most of the Earth at these depths is NOT molten, magma formation ... Partial melting is thus a way of differentiating material, making new rocks that differ in composition from the parent rock. Magmas are less dense than the parent rock and so try to rise. Some reach the surface, others solidify at depth in the crust.

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Oct 31, 2014 ... Magma exists as pockets and plumes beneath the surface of the Earth. ... How Magma Forms ... The rifting movement causes the buoyant magma below to rise and fill the space of lower pressure. The rock then cools into new crust. .... at convergent plate boundaries where transfer of heat and flux melting ...

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plate boundaries new oceanic lithosphere is created in the ... rock rises and partial melting occurs. New crust is created by the magma pushing up from the.

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Convergent Plate Boundaries in continental and oceanic lithosphere - by Geology.com. ... If a magma chamber rises to the surface without solidifying the magma will break ... are examples of islands formed through this type of plate boundary. ... Fragments of crust or continent margin sediments might be caught in the ...

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Furthermore, continents do not drift, they move across the surface as a result of ... As new sea floor is created at ridge systems plates on either side of the ridge are pushed ... The magma that forms rises through the crust into vertical fractures to form ... There are three types of convergent plate boundaries; oceanic-oceanic, ...

Plates move apart.

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the way plates move, geologists identified three types of boundaries. • A ... forms. Here molten material rises to build new crust. Mid-Ocean Ridges and Rift Valleys. Mid-ocean ridges ... What happens to the old crust as new crust forms? Mid Atlantic. Ridge magma. BA. Mid-ocean .... In time, a volcano will form at the surface.

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The boundary where two plates move apart is called a divergent boundary. ... If this oozing magma is continually forming new crust, then why doesn't the crust get ... The magma is less dense which rises to the surface forming volcanoes.

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The entire surface of the earth is moving, and each plate is moving in a different direction than any other. ... Plate boundaries are of three types: a diverging plate boundary is a boundary ... When heat rises, molten rock moves upward and the expansion from the heart and ... New crust forms in rifts at the spreading centers.

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Apr 26, 2012 ... New ocean crust that forms at mid-ocean ridges on the seafloor may form ... Mid- ocean ridges are the boundaries between tectonic plates and are the ... that magmas that form new crust at fast-spreading ridges rise up from the ...

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Mar 11, 2014 ... The Earth's outer crust (the lithosphere) is composed of a series of tectonic plates . ... Deep trenches are often formed where tectonic plates are being subducted and ... The new magma (molten rock) rises and may erupt violently to form ... The third type of plate boundary occurs where tectonic plates slide ...

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The events that occur at these boundaries are linked to the types of plates — oceanic or ... At some convergent boundaries, an oceanic plate collides with a continental plate. ... This, in turn, makes the base of the crust melt, forming magma. ... The magma formed at a subduction zone rises up toward the earth's surface and .....