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The Atlantean language is a constructed language created by Marc Okrand for Disney's film .... Where symbols occur in pairs, the left represents the voiceless consonant and the right represents ...

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The symbols were unlike anything known in ancient Egypt. Through clairvoyant observation it is reported that the ring was from a priest from the time of Atlantis.

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The Atlantis Ring and its symbol are empowerment tools that help bring the vibrations around you into harmony and balance. It creates a beneficial energetic  ...

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Finally, we discuss the Atlantean (Indonesian) origin of the Egyptians ..... Semitic, probably of proto-Phoenician stock, to judge from their symbols and their white, ...

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Atlantis Our Rockefeller textbooks tell us that nobody in the ancient world had ever ... Ancient symbols like the cross and the swastika already existed in the ...

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See more about Atlantis, Symbols and To read. ... Explore Hail Atlantis, Atlantis Grail, and more! ... Orichalcum Symbol of Atlantis "Aurichillikem". Save

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The Cross of Atlantis The Atlantis logo is composed of a sun disk or Cross of Light embedded in concentric rings. According to Laurence Gardner, writing in The ...

The Atlantean Conspiracy: Occult Symbolism


Jul 12, 2011 ...Symbols are very important. If you don't think so, put a swastika on your arm, walk into a synagogue, and see the kind of response you get.

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A healing Awakenment, designed to awaken, magnify and liberate natural abilities is performed. Ancient Atlantean healing Power Symbols are given and used ...

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Apr 16, 2015 ... Among the most powerful healers in Atlantis were the high priests, high ... You enjoy working with Reiki, crystals, symbols, colour, sounds, ...

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Science and Invention 200 - 630. SIGNS AND SYMBOLS OF THE ATLANTEAN EMPIRE. folgiens. Naothule. Tuaithule. Graohienix. Noura. Naohuisuyu Tincu ...

The Stargate of Atlantis


Many feel that Atlantis is purely fable or a metaphor and that the 'water' that destroyed it is simply a symbol for a new wisdom that replaced the old. Those who ...

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What do these occult amulets/symbols have to do with protecting the country? “In Kritias, Plato wrote that the numbers 5 and 6 were sacred in Atlantis, where ...