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A transmission control unit or TCU is a device that controls modern electronic automatic transmissions. A TCU generally uses sensors from the vehicle as well as ...


The modern automatic transmission is by far, the most complicated mechanical component in .... The stator is mounted to Torque converter internal diagram ...

Jan 24, 2014 ... This animation explains the principles of automatic transmissions that use a ..... I am re-watching this for a (hopefully)wooden auto transmission.


Jul 1, 2013 ... Ever wonder how your transmission knows to shift gears? Why is it that when you stop, the engine doesn't die? We're here to show you how ...


Learn how an automatic gearbox and transmission works in a car. With diagrams of planet gears and the sun gear.


This diagram shows the different components of the transmission system.


Free diagram of automatic transmission parts and location, link to free repair, troubleshooting, tips, on transmission repair.


This is Flash animation of Automatic transmission. ... complex in order to enable the planetary gear unit to appropriately shift gears, as shown by the left diagram.


Transmission pictures have images of manual, automatic, sequential, and dual- clutch transmissions. Check out the transmission image gallery.