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Discover what Aztec homes were really like. You may be surprised at some of the features in the common Aztec shelter...

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The design and material used to build Aztec homes was largely influenced by their climate. Typically, the Aztec shelter of commoners had only one room.

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The Aztec home was designed for eating, sleeping and relaxing, and usually housed many people. Learn more about the homes of the ancient Aztec people ...

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Adobe generally was the main component in the construction of Aztec homes. Adobe is a material made from blending both straw and sun-dried mud. The name ...

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Aztec Homes The adobe homes created by the Aztecs are still standing today mostly. Here you can read all about the construction of these buildings and how ...

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Aztec Homes __ "The doorways of the Aztec houses were square and found on one wall of the home. The roofs of the ancient Aztec homes were flat, which ...

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Just like everything else, there was a clear difference between Aztec homes for the nobles and the ones for the common people. Aztec homes for the nobles ...

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Sep 9, 2014 ... Aztec homes ranged from one-room huts to large, spacious palaces. As in their clothing and diet, the size and style of Aztec homes depended ...

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Aztec houses | Publish with. ... History - Aztec Homes. by Paul Hitchcock. Aztec houses | Publish ... What happened to the Aztec gods after the Conquest? (. 3.

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This page describes archaeological excavations at the Aztec city of Yautepec in Morelos, Mexico, by Dr. Michael E. Smith.

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Read here for more general information on Aztec homes. Although houses tended to be built on a similar pattern in the empire (though smaller for the poorer  ...

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Aztec houses were made with adobe bricks or of a wattle-and-daub construction with wooden braces. Some homes had flat-pole roofs, while others were ...

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Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC HOUSES. Your 'average' Aztec house was plain and simple, whether you lived in a town or the countryside... One story high, one main  ...