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Aztec architecture refers to pre-Columbian architecture of the Aztec civilization. Aztec cities often competed to construct the greatest temples in the Aztec empire.

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Discover what Aztec homes were really like. You may be surprised at some of the features in the common Aztec shelter...

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How were Aztec houses built? What were they like? Find out what recent discoveries in Mexico have taught us about the houses of the rich and poor in the days ...

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The Aztecs were an indigenous people who controlled a vast empire in the southern and central regions of modern-day Mexico before the Spanish conquered ...

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Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC HOUSES. Your 'average' Aztec house was plain and simple, whether you lived in a town or the countryside... One story high, one main  ...

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Aztec houses were made with adobe bricks or of a wattle-and-daub ... What did the Aztecs look like? ... What did people use for shelter in ancient China?

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The design and material used to build Aztec homes was largely influenced by their climate. Typically, the Aztec shelter of commoners had only one room.

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The Aztec Animal Care and Control Mission Statement: We promise we will take in the homeless animals for whatever reason. We will heal their wounds and ...

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Aztec, NM Homeless Shelters and homeless services. We provide homeless shelters and resources that help the homeless including clinics, transitional ...

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45475/p228300997_40894.jpg. Aztec Shelter. Geography-Environment. The ancient Aztecs lived in present day Mexico and parts of Guatemala.