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Aztec architecture refers to pre-Columbian architecture of the Aztec civilization. Aztec cities often competed to construct the greatest temples in the Aztec empire.

Aztec homes - Aztec History


Discover what Aztec homes were really like. You may be surprised at some of the features in the common Aztec shelter...

What Kind of Shelter Was Used by the Aztec? | The Classroom ...


The Aztecs were an indigenous people who controlled a vast empire in the southern and central regions of modern-day Mexico before the Spanish conquered ...

Aztec Houses - Aztec History


How were Aztec houses built? What were they like? Find out what recent discoveries in Mexico have taught us about the houses of the rich and poor in the days ...

What type of houses did the Aztecs live in? | Reference.com


Aztec houses were made with adobe bricks or of a wattle-and-daub construction with wooden braces. Some homes had flat-pole roofs, while others were ...

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Search the Site (type in white box): ... Then you might have small turkey houses, maybe even bee hives. ... 'How did Aztec culture influence their housing?' ...

The Aztec Civilization: Aztec Environment


The Aztec Empire was located in the central and southern regions of present day Mexico. ... Although the Aztecs appeared to be isolated by their lake city and the mountains .... but the other lesser cities still felt the need to compete against each other. ... Ancient Mexico and Central America: Archaeology and Culture History.

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The Ancestral Puebloans were an ancient Native American culture that spanned the ... In contemporary times, the people and their archaeological culture were referred ... The plateau regions have hig...

How did the Aztecs adapt to their environment? | Reference.com


The Aztecs adapted to their surrounding environment in several ways, including making ... What are some important accomplishments of the ancient Aztecs?

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