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In baseball or softball, a strikeout (or strike-out) occurs when a batter accumulates three strikes ... The "K" may be placed backward in cases where the batter strikes out looking, just a...

The Backwards K -- Baseball Strikeout Looking - stats


Nov 30, 2015 ... I found how to type a backwards K for a strikeout looking in baseball to use on Twitter.

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Would the backwards 'K' used in baseball scorekeeping be a good ...


Aug 4, 2014 ... A backwards 'K' is used to denote a strikeout in which the batter does not swing at the final pitch, and it's the only character used in baseball ...

Why is there a backwards k in baseball scoring? - Ask.com


The backwards "K" is used to represent a strikeout when the batter does not swing at the final strike, used to differentiate between types of outs. The batter is ...

The Baseball Scorecard - Scoring


A "K" is placed in his box to indicate that he struck out. If it was a called strike three, a "Kc" or a backwards "K" would be placed in the box. A circled "1" is also ...

Is it common knowledge among baseball fans that a backwards "K ...


Jun 27, 2009 ... But I just found out today that a backwards "K" means something in particular (on the ballpark scoreboard, for example). What percentage of ...

How did the "K" become a Strike in Scoring? [Archive] - Baseball Fever


'K' was chosen because the word 'strike' ends with a 'K' sound. Later on, a backwards 'K' came to symbolize a strikeout on which the batter ...



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MLB Scoring: A Backwards "K"? - Straight Dope Message Board


I know a "K" means strikeout, but I just noticed TBS sometimes uses a backwards K instead of a normal "K". Does anyone know what the ...

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originally from scoring a baseball game, a backwards K is the symbol for "caught looking". "Backwards K" is used to describe catching a bittie looking at you who ...



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May 6, 2011 ... When I first learned to keep score with the traditional grid, in 1992, I used the popular forward/backward differentiation — a forward K for a ...