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Symptoms of a Bad EGR Valve
The Exhaust Gas Recirculation system helps reduce your vehicle's harmful emissions. EGR problems can sneak up on you and can quickly become an issue. Knowing what to look for can help prevent problems.... More »
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Oct 27, 2015 ... Recognizing symptoms of a bad EGR valve will help you troubleshoot potential problems sooner and restore engine performance faster.

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When the engine is idling, the EGR valve is closed and there is no EGR flow ... The symptom here would be excessive NOx emissions and possible pinging or .... Nine out of ten times, the fault is not a bad EGR valve or a vacuum leak, but a ...

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Since some of these symptoms could mimic problems with the fuel delivery system, ... Misfiring or rough idle – This happens when your EGR valve fails to close, ...

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When an EGR valve goes bad, there are several symptoms to expect. The list of symptoms does not always occur together, and some do not show up until there ...

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The most common symptoms of a bad exhaust gas recirculation valve are rough or misfiring idle, detonation, stalling and hard starting. The EGR valve is a ...

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Exhaust gas recirculation systems aren't exactly the most glamorous systems in the average car, but they do perform several very important jobs. An EGR might ...

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Mar 19, 2015 ... If you suspect an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve failure, one way of confirming it is to look for some indirect symptoms. In this Buzzle ...

How Do You Identify Problems Associated With The EGR Valve ...


Jul 12, 2014 ... The EGR, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, is one of the most important components in any automobile engine. Understanding how it ...

Diagnosing and replacing a faulty EGR valve with a vacuum leak ...


May 11, 2011 ... I've read a bad EGR can take a toll on your fuel economy as well, so I'm glad I found this leak, even though it wasn't really the one I was looking ...

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Q: 1988 Ford Van Bad EGR Valve Symptoms.
A: Air isn't just one gas, its a mixture of gases that include about 18 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen. Under extreme heat and pressure, gaseous nitrogen (... Read More »
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Q: Bad EGR Valve Symptoms in a Dodge Durango.
A: If your Dodge Durango has rough idling, sputters a bit when you press the accelerator and backfires when you let off, stutters and hesitates when driving uphill... Read More »
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Q: Symptoms of a bad egr valve?
A: Symptoms of a bad EGR valve: 1) An EGR valve that fails to close properly can act as a vacuum leak, causing the fuel and air mixture to become too lean, resulti... Read More »
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Q: What are the symptoms of a bad egr valve on a motor?
A: Symptoms of a bad egr valve on a car will include mis fires, Read More »
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Q: Symptoms of bad egr valve is bad on 1995 aurora?
A: My Aurora had a slight hesitation or rpm surge at about 1500 rpm. disconnecting the electrical connector from the EGR valve and the problem went away. Read More »
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