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Car shaking/vibrating violently The Garage. ... making a car shake or vibrate. It would make the tires ware uneven, but vibrate??? Sounds to me like you have a bad tire and/or wheel. .... Shocks/Struts or axles. There are so ...

Do My Struts Need To Be Changed? - Brakes and Beyond


Nov 18, 2013 ... The force that does make its way to the body of the vehicle, pushing it up, is absorbed by ... Transparency of Struts in a Car's Suspension System ... But, if the shock absorber component is bad, the spring is hit with much more ... tire noise and vibration from cupping caused by excessive up/down movement, ...

Car shakes at 55 mph. What service do I need? - carshakes tire ...


But when I start to go faster than 45 mph or so, the car starts to feel wobbly and .... If it's cupped and choppy, you've probably got bad struts. ... Make sure no debris lives on the mating surfaces between axle flange and wheel.

Is This The Sound Of Bad Struts - Rattle Rattle - YouTube


Nov 20, 2014 ... I had many clunks and rattles from my car front end. ... In addition to a bad strut mount, I had a broken sway bar link and the bushings were shot. .... Hey bud check your strut mounts they will make it pop and rattle also .

Top Ten Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts - YouTube


Aug 15, 2013 ... Worn shocks and struts affect your car's ability to stop safely and effectively. But if worn shocks and struts aren't as obvious as a flat tire, a blinking l. ... Why Your Car Shakes When You Brake "Shake'n Brake! ... Strange Noise a Bad Upper Strut Mount Can Make - Duration: 1:42. by MudRFunR 189,462 v...

Don't wait until the steering wheel shakes to get new shocks ...


Mar 3, 1986 ... At highway speed, do the front wheels and steering wheel vibrate so much ... The bad news is . . . the car's shocks are worn. ... These visual proofs, added to your own experience in handling the car, are all you need to make your decision. ... If MacPherson struts (a type of suspension) are involved, it isn't ...

What Does a Car Strut Do When It Goes Bad? | eHow


A bad car strut reduces a vehicle's suspension strength and function considerably. ... terrain causes a bad or weakened strut to bounce and shake uncontrollably ...

Car Shakes and Steering Wheel Vibrates - Simple Car Answers


All of these could give you a vibration or make your car shake, but I was ... You'll notice that I'm driving about 80 mph, so the shake isn't that bad, but it is noticeable. .... and had an alignment, but did the mechanic check your shocks and struts?

Why Is My Car Vibrating And Shaking? - Braun Automotive


Jul 3, 2014 ... If you feel your car vibrating or shaking, whether while idle or in motion, ... Worn struts or shocks -- Over time, your vehicle's struts or shocks will ...

Diagnosing Causes of Steering & Suspension Vibration


Investigate any unusual noises or car vibrations immediately to determine the cause. Most suspension .... Bad wheel bearings will usually make themselves evident before they fail. If you hear a whining, .... Diagnosing Shocks & Struts

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Q: Can bad struts make a car shake?
A: If the struts are that bad, it can cause severe handling problems, including shaking at speed! If you can compress the strut manually, it is past the point of b... Read More »
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Q: Can bad struts make a car shake?
A: i have a 91 camaro that shakes at 70 ive replaced all teh ball joints one bad spindlle ballanced the tires and drive shaft. and the only thing i can think of no... Read More »
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Q: How to Check for Bad Shocks and Struts on a Car or Truck.
A: 1. Inspect the shocks by looking for oil leaks. Use a flashlight and visually inspect the shocks from top to bottom. If oil is detected, clean the oil from shoc... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: How Do I Know When the Shocks or Struts Are Bad on My Car?
A: 1. Conduct a bounce test on your car. With your vehicle off, step or push down on each corner of your bumper and then let go. If your car bounces more than once... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: How do bad struts damage a car?
A: Bad struts make the car handle different,and you may lose control at higher speeds,it also makes your tire become choppy and wear out faster,because the tire is... Read More »
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