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The Balducci levitation is a levitation illusion first described by Ed Balducci. Its inventor is ... Balducci levitation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to:  ...


How to Perform the Balducci Levitation. You're ... Remember to keep the heel of your free foot (the one facing the audience) level with the ground. This helps the ...

Jul 4, 2007 ... Balducci levitation...amazing height w/ slight mid-air rotation...david blaine self levitation.!!insane version!!


This is another David Blaine levitation style effect. Similar to the Balducci Levitation in that it is performed impromptu. However you can perform this levitation ...

Dec 28, 2007 ... My cousin doing the balducci levitation and telling you how the do it.


Levitation tricks are very cool. This first one is called the Balducci Levitation. David Blaine ... Andruzzi Levitation · Click here for more Free Street Magic


Balducci levitation is a technique first described by Ed Balducci. It can be ... With this method, the performer appears to levitate a few inches above the ground.


Jul 6, 2009 ... Learn how to perform the Balducci levitation. A blindingly simple classic, when performed correctly, it amazes the spectator. Mohammed Ali is ...


The Balducci levitation is a levitation illusion that was first described by Ed Balducci in 1974. It is an impromptu magic trick, which has been popularized by many ...


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