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The building of balsa-wood bridges is very often used as an educational technology. It may be accompanied by a larger project involving varying areas of study.


Balsa Bridge Building Contest results, tips, photographs, rules.


Here is the model bridge featured in my ebook, 5 Steps to Building a Model Bridge. This is the bridge seen in the photos of the step by step process of bridge  ...


Oct 9, 2005 ... The bridge spanned 16 inches, weighed 37 grams, and held 346 pounds. That puts its ... The secret of a strong bridge design. As you can see, the .... THe bridge was made of Balsa wood and had a very strong structure. Reply.


This instruction set will teach you how to design and construct your own bridge made out of balsa wood. This is a fun, intriguing project that will entertain an ...


The Balsa Bridge Competition offers participating teams the opportunity to ... The objective of this competition is to design and build a 3-D bridge structure.


Some restrictions: The bridge is a single structure of wood and glue and ... I assume you're going to build this bridge for a project (practical) and not as an ...


Well I can give you the following pieces of advice from personal experience in doing precisely the same thing (once in 6th grade, and once as a ...


Different bridges use different wood. It's completely up to you whether to use balsa wood or basswood when building your bridge ...


Balsa Bridge. Objective: To design and build the lightest bridge capable of supporting the heaviest load when weight is placed on a given span, using specified ...