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Basic Parts of a Newspaper 1.Editorial – an article expressing the stand/opinion of the editors and publishers on a current issue. 2. News Storie...

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The basic parts of a newspaper differ slightly between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers. Tabloid newspapers tend to be more focused towards informing the  ...

Parts of a Newspaper

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Some or all of these may be found on the front pages of newspapers. ✎ Box-out – A small part of the page, shaded in a different colour. ✎ By-line – The name of ...

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Answer (1 of 15): The story on the front page of the newspaper is often called a " lead" or "splash" story. This is the story which the greatest number of people will ...

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main page(headlines) editorial page sports page business and agriculture pages classified ads obituary lifestyle section fun page (family pages) entertainment ...

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Local and Foreign News Section- Part of this section contains news from the towns and cities of the nation. .... The 11 parts of a newspaper include the sports page, the announcement page, the .... Basic parts of a newspaper and its meaning?

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Parts of Newspaper. Parts or sections of the newspaper includes: The News Section; The Opinion Section; The Entertainment Section; The Sport Section; The  ...

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Feb 7, 2015 ... PARTS OF THE NEWSPAPER 1. GENERALNEWS-This contains the most important news bothhere and abroad. It is usually found on the front ...

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Newspaper gives us information about what are happening outside our home, ... In this quiz, students will be familiarize in the basic parts of the newspaper.

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Apr 25, 2013 ... Of course, there are basic requirements thatare part of growing up and one of those is education. Education is a universalmust in part of ...