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Sep 28, 2016 ... They wonder how a person becomes an orthodontist. Here is some information about becoming an orthodontist in the United States.

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Sep 26, 2014 ... A career as an orthodontist starts in college. Students interested in becoming a dentist can major in anything they like, but certain science ...

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Orthodontists generally work with the help of an orthodontic assistant to analyze and solve the dental problems of their patients. Daily activities may include ...

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Orthodontists, who are best known for straightening teeth with braces, work in a subspecialty of dentistry. They diagnose, help prevent and treat problems related  ...

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Students who want to become orthodontists must first complete a bachelor's degree and then apply to a four-year dental school. Students who successfully ...

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Jul 18, 2016 ... Are you interested in a career as an orthodontist? Learn how to become an orthodontist, as well as training and education requirements.

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I just hear over and over that it is nearly impossible to become an orthodontist. I am not going in dentistry just to become ortho, but like many of ...

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Those interested in becoming an orthodontist should possess good interpersonal skills since orthodontists work closely with patients and other members of their ...

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Information about pursuing and career in orthodontia and becoming an orthodontist.

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The Internet is filled with bright, positive messages about the value of a smile, both for the way it makes you feel and the way others respond to you. Providing ...

How to Become an Orthodontist
Orthodontics is a field in dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance and function of abnormally arranged teeth. Orthodontists are the health care practitioners responsible for performing this procedure. They diagnose anomalies and design and... More »
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It takes several years to become an orthodontist. You'll typically need to spend 2- 4 years in an undergraduate program, four years in dental school and 2-3 years ...

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How to Become an Orthodontist. Orthodontists are dental specialists who correct improper alignment and straighten teeth. Their work can both help patients ...

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The professionals that straighten teeth are known as Orthodontists. Now aspiring dental students can learn how to become an orthodontist at Doctorly.org.