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Becoming a radiologist requires completing a four-year residency in radiology and passing state licensure and board certification exams. Employment in certain subspecialties, such ...

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Learn how to become a radiologist - explore the education requirements, how long it may take, and what you can expect from this rewarding career!

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Dec 6, 2013 ... Here's what it takes to become a radiologist in the United States. Training requirements. After you've completed your 4 years of college and you ...

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How to Become a Radiologist. Radiologists are medical doctors who use diagnostic machines and procedures to assess and treat patients. Unlike other medical ...

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Research what it takes to become a radiologist. Learn about education requirements, salary, and potential job growth to find out if this is the...

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Equipped with a degree in radiology, radiologic techs are presented with a host ... go on to become to chief radiologic technologists, supervisors, administrators,  ...

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How much does a radiologist make? With an average income of nearly $350,000 a year, radiology retains its spot among the three highest paid medical ...

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I was just curious if there are any accelerated radiology programs available anywhere. What I have heard so far is you have to take 4 years med ...

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Jun 5, 2009 ... Becoming a radiologist requires four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school and at least four years in a radiology ...

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Q: Becoming a radiologist?
A: 1) 4 years college, 4 years med school, 3-4 years residency 2) Define 'great'? 3) read x-rays, MRIs, CT, PET, ultrasounds 4) it depends on YOUR likes / dislikes Read More »
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Q: Becoming a radiologist?
A: I don't understand how you can say you're really interested in this career when you seem to know so little about it. I'm sure if you do a search you'll get lots... Read More »
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Q: How to Become a Radiologist.
A: A radiologist is a physician who uses X-rays and other imaging technology to diagnose disease or treat cancer. Radiologists receive special training in the use ... Read More »
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Q: How to Become a Radiologist Assistant.
A: Things You'll Need. Tuition. Background check. Certification exam fees. License fees. Instructions. Earn a radiologist assistant degree from a college or univer... Read More »
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Q: What is the path for becoming a radiologist?
A: First you have to go through and get a BA or BS degree then go to med school (4 years) then a 7 year residency in radiology. Read More »
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