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The term "biceps curl" may refer to any of a number of weight training exercises that target the biceps brachii muscle. ... postures that hold the elbows in front of the trunk, shortening the biceps and forcing the brachialis to do more work.


Dec 18, 2013 ... Big guns need lots of ammo, and the biceps curl will give you all the ammo you need to blow away the competition at the beach or gym.


The biceps curl is an exercise for the elbow flexors, which comprise the biceps brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis. You can emphasize each of these muscles ...


Jan 27, 2017 ... It's hard to mess up biceps curls—but we found a bunch of ways people do ... because even chin-ups work in tandem with your back muscles.


May 31, 2012 ... If you think a standing bicep curl is only working your bicep, think again. ... The body uses more than 50 different muscles just to stay standing.


Mar 7, 2013 ... Isolation exercises, like the biceps curl, will indeed get you stronger ... Compare the muscles worked here to the biceps curl at the bottom of the ...


Dec 8, 2014 ... Dumbbell curls is an isolation exercise that focuses on your bicep workout ... Build Muscle 101 – What You Need to Know to Grow Muscle Mass ...


Feb 26, 2017 ... See how to do Hammer Curls, and learn why they help you build ... Along with the biceps, these two muscles work together to flex the arm at the ...


If you want bigger biceps and arms, do different kinds of curls. ... a lot of moving parts out of the equation, the concentration curl is one of the best moves to isolate the biceps muscle. .... If you can't quite hit the big numbers, try working on form.


Top curling exercises to build bigger biceps and stronger arms. ... consistently altering things like rep speed, weights used, and sets completed. ... “Allowing your arms to flare as you curl recruits more shoulder muscles and may lead to injury.”.