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To retract a bid, use the Bid Retraction form. When you retract a bid before the last 12 hours of an auction, you will eliminate all bids you have placed in that ...

How to Cancel an eBay Bid as a Buyer or Seller


If you are cancelling your bid due to a typographical error or communication problems with the seller, you can use ebay's standard bid retraction form. Ebay will ...

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by Tim Hesse. Though you shouldn't do it often, eBay does allow you to cancel a bid. ... Browse to eBay's bid retraction form (link in Resources). Enter the item ...

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Typically, you should only bid if you are confident in what you are buying. By bidding ... Ebay only allows retractions in very specific circumstances. Here is a link to their Bid Retraction Form: http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISA.

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Nov 1, 2008 ... To cancel an eBay bid, copy the item number, fill out a bid retraction form and paste the item number before letting eBay know why the bid is ...

Can I retract or cancel my bid?


If this occurs, you are able to retract the incorrect bid amount but are obligated to submit another ... Please use Sedo's Bid Retraction Form to retract your bid.

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To cancel your bid, log in and fill out the bid retraction form (link in Resources). Enter the item's number, which you can find at the top of the item's description or  ...

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Retract a bid on eBay by filling out the Bid Retraction Form. Enter the item number for the relevant auction and a reason for retracting the bid. The retraction  ...

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eBay buyers can cancel or retract bids using the proper protocol. Just don't make bidding and not paying a habit or eBay can close down your account.

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The easiest way to retract a bid is to use the "Retract my bid" form. Simply enter the auction number, choose one of the prewritten excuses from the list, and click  ...

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... cancel a Best Offer, use the Best Offer Cancellation form. ... Under what conditions can I retract a bid?

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To retract a bid on an item you're bidding on, go to the Bid Retraction Form, enter the item number and choose an explanation as to why you want to cancel the ...

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Here's the link: Sign in or Register. You can only retract the bid for several specific reasons: Cannot reach seller. Entered wrong amount. Item description changed ...