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What Do the Numbers Mean on Binoculars?
The numbers printed on your binoculars indicate the magnification power they offer, and the size of the front lenses. For example, many binoculars are labeled as 7 x 35, which means that the binoculars magnify the image seven times and that each of the... More »
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All binoculars have numbers, such as 10x42 and 7x20, which refer to their ... the view through them appear 10 times closer than they do with the naked eye.

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Read this awesome "how to" guide before purchasing your next binoculars and learn everything there is ... Binoculars - Behind the Numbers and Terminology 3.

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What do the numbers mean (e.g. 8x42)? The numbers stand for the magnification power and the objective size of the binoculars. The number before the "x" ...

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Alpen Deer 2. What do the numbers mean on binoculars and spotting scopes? Should I buy a binocular with the highest magnification possible? What happens  ...

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All binoculars are described by using a pair of numbers, such as 7×50 or ... The best thing to do is to avoid them and stick with the usual fixed-power binoculars.

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Jul 31, 2004 ... There are three basic descriptive and performance numbers on every binocular. These include magnification/power, objective lens diameter in ...

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You'll normally see binoculars referred to as 10x50 or 20x60, but what do those number mean? The first number is the magnification. Looking through our 10x50  ...

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Jun 23, 2010 ... Here we take a look at a binocular's magnification. What does it mean and how does it effect the user's experience. If you're ... I always tried to research what those numbers meant. now I know. thanks guys so much.

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Understand the numbers. Binoculars are referred to with 2 numbers, such as 7 x 35 or 10 x 50. The number before the "x" is the magnification factor, or power; ...

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The numbers on a binocular describe its configuration. Let's take 8×42 binoculars as an example. The first number (8) refers to the magnification, or, how many ...

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? The first number refers the magnification of binocular. A "10x50" for example, magnifies the view by 10 ...

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For more details, visit How to Buy a Binocular guide on OpticsPlanet.com. ... What are Binoculars and how do they work? ... What do the Numbers mean?

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Most binoculars are described using two numbers; for example, 7x35. ... binocular will be magnified seven times the size when viewed by the naked eye.

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Mar 26, 2015 ... Do identical exit pupil size numbers produce identical brightness levels? Manufacturers of high-end binoculars say no, asserting that a variety ...