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What Causes Dark Spots on Human Gums? | LIVESTRONG.COM


Apr 16, 2015 ... Dark spots on your gums can be signs of harmless or deadly conditions, depending on its nature. Some oral cancers manifest as dark spots in ...

Black Spots on Gums - Health Guidance


Black spots on gums can affect your appearance and be embarrassing, but they are not generally a cause for concern and there are many potential causes.

Why do I have black spots on my gums? | Reference.com


Black spots on the gums can occur as a result of bruising, hyper-pigmentation, amalgam tattoos or hardened plaque, according to HealthGuidance. Although ...

What is a black dot on my gums? | Reference.com


In some cases, silver particles released in the drilling process embed in the gum's soft tissues, causing a dark spot to form, Jacoby says. These tattoos are ...

What can cause dark spots to form on your gums? - Quora


A dark spot on your gums can be anything as innocuous as a simple bruise or bite mark, freckle, ethnic pigmentation, to something like silver tattoo ...

Gum Discoloration: What Causes Gums to Turn Black or White ...


Oct 23, 2014 ... When you think of a great set of teeth and gums, you probably imagine pearly white teeth and healthy pink gums. So if you happen to notice ...

How to treat black gums? How to make gums pink


[ Hindi tips to treat black gums ] ... Home remedies to treat toothache pain ... These patches are spotted by black gums around the crown, filling and dentures, and ...

How To Get Pink Gums, Causes Of Dark Gums, Treatment Of Dark ...


Another treatment to treat the dark pigmentation of gums is the gum bleaching which is ... In a single visit the dark spots or the dark looking gums can be given ...

How to Get Pink Gums (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Nov 25, 2016 ... To get healthy pink gums, you must take care of them as you do your hair or skin. ... While the conventional wisdom is to brush after meals to remove food .... You might even see visible holes in teeth or brown/black staining on ...

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Q: Should I be worried about the black color of my gums? - Quora
A: Like answered by so many other dentists here, the black pigment is because of melanin, if it is ... About the melanin spots on your gums, if you're worried... Read More »
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Q: What causes a black spot on a human gum near a tooth? - Quora
A: Black spots on gums can be caused by acute necrotizing periodontal disease, bruises, hyper pigmentation, hardened plaque (near teeth), amalgam tattoos ( caused... Read More »
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Q: What does it mean if your dog's gums turn black? - Quora
A: Do a capillary refill test by pressing on the gums with your finger. When you remove your finger, ... Sometimes, they may be visible in spots or patches. 2.7k ... Read More »
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Q: black spots in cats mouth? | Yahoo Answers
A: My tabby, who has no black anywhere else, has black spots in her mouth in between lip and gum. They are right where her teeth set and touch ... Read More »
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A: I have a black traditional "doll-faced" persian who has black spots inside his mouth (not on ... Is this a sign of gum disease or is it just a birthm... Read More »
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