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The black squirrel occurs as a "melanistic" subgroup of both the eastern gray squirrel and the ... Black squirrels are well established in the Quad Cities area along the Iowa-Illinois boundary. According to one story, recounted in the book The ...


Jun 9, 2014 ... Scientists discover a genetic mutation that is causing black squirrels to develop darker fur and could give them greater immunity.


The interaction between black squirrel towns is civil and downright cooperative, compared to the heated fracas between White Squirrel Towns. Black squirrels ...


Jan 26, 2016 ... Despite their strange color, black squirrels are becoming more common than they may seem.


We receive many questions about black squirrels. Two species of North American tree squirrels have black forms that occur naturally in certain parts of their ...


Nov 9, 2013 ... The black squirrels often surprise newcomers. But they are just “a melanistic subgroup of the eastern grey squirrel,” as Wikipedia has it.


Mar 3, 2011 ... Black squirrels are just like Eastern gray squirrels, except with more fashionable genes.


Apr 26, 2008 ... But now the black squirrel has arrived - and is rampaging through parks and ... A study by Cambridge scientists shows that black squirrels now ...


Mar 12, 2015 ... Sightings of black squirrels are increasing across the country, with a concentration in the south east, most probably where they were introduced ...


Spotting a black squirrel for the first time can cause wonder, their shiny black coats so plain against the turf, compared with better-camouflaged gray squirrels.