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Blank Endorsement
A signature by the creator of an instrument, such as a check, which enables any holder of the instrument to assert a claim for payment. Because no payee is specified, such an endorsement essentially turns the instrument into a bearer security.... More »

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Blank endorsement of a financial instrument, such as a cheque, is only a signature, not indicating the payee. The effect of this is that it is payable only to the ...

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A blank endorsement is a signature by the creator of an instrument, such as a check, which enables any holder of the instrument to assert a claim for payment.

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... without any other words above or below his signature. A blank endorsement is considered to be risky because the endorser is not restricting the check (o...

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Definition of blank endorsement: Open endorsement that carries only the signature of the endorser and does not specify in whose favor it is made (who is the ...

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Bankers are very familiar with endorsements. They see different types of endorsements every day. They are trained to check the endorsements so that...

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Blank endorsement definition, an endorsement on a check or note naming no payee, and therefore payable to bearer. See more.

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Blank endorsement means an endorsement on a negotiable instrument with no indication about the payee. As a result, such negotiable instruments becomes ...

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Definition of Blank endorsement: The signature or endorsement of a person or firm on any negotiable instrument (such as a check, draft or bill of lading), usually  ...

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An endorsement of an instrument that specifies no payee, making the instrument payable to its bearer. Also called endorsement in blank. American Heritage® ...